The Winchesters Does John Even Dirtier Than Supernatural Did

The Winchesters Does John Even Dirtier Than Supernatural Did
Image credit: The CW

John Winchester has never been the brightest character on Supernatural, and it doesn't look like the prequel is going to come close to redeeming him.

The Winchesters are getting closer to the season finale, and it looks like things cannot get any worse for John Winchester, considering where the tenth episode left him: covered in blood and apparently framed for the murder of Kyle, who was controlled by the Akrida all along.

However, not every fan is willing to sympathize with John for his troubles, as he fell victim to a classic cliché of a villain spelling out his plans instead of just doing the job. Nevertheless, John failed to make the best of it and allowed the Akrida-controlled Kyle to frame him for his murder.

According to fans, the prequel could not have made John Winchester look any less intelligent.

"Akrida/Kyle literally tells him he's framing him, tells him the police are already on the way, and what does John do? He plays right into it, getting covered in blood and making himself look guilty. Like you cannot be serious," Redditor cyclonecasey said.

It would have been much better for John to not even let Kyle finish his monologue and flee without touching the knife and covering himself in the victim's blood. Now even his mother might end up believing that John murdered Kyle; and instead of preventing the Akrida from invading the world, John will have to somehow not end up behind bars.

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Even though fans never really liked John in Supernatural, it looks like the prequel is trying to make things even worse for the Winchester family patriarch. However, there may be one good thing about John being framed for murder, as fans believe that his son Dean will have to physically appear in the timeline to help get him out.

Earlier, the Winchesters seemed to hint that Dean is alive and time traveling to fix the way things ended in the original series. The only way to know more is to wait until The Winchesters returns to The CW with a new episode on February 21.