The Winchesters Glaring Timeline Error Leaves SPN Fans Frustrated

The Winchesters Glaring Timeline Error Leaves SPN Fans Frustrated
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The Supernatural prequel is getting close to its mid-season finale, but nothing about the timeline is clarified yet.

If you have been watching The Winchesters and wondering how on Earth did John Winchester immediately got to know about demons right after meeting Mary... you are not alone.

In fact, the entire SPN fandom is questioning the very same thing, even though the prequel appears to be entertaining enough to have fans stuck to the screens and following the story — no matter how far away from the canon it actually is.

Yes, in The Winchesters, John immediately dives into the world of monster hunting, hours after bumping into his future wife Mary near the cinema. This is a glaring timeline error if we still consider the Winchesters' story told in Supernatural to be canon.

In the original show, John only familiarizes himself with demons and monsters after his wife is murdered by Azazel. However, either the prequel appears to be retconning it entirely, or Jensen Ackles ( who exec produces the show and reprises his role as Dean Winchester) has something really sneaky up his sleeve.

With Dean being the narrator for The Winchesters, many fans suggested that his and Sam parents' story is now simply being told from his perspective. However, in Supernatural, Dean went back in time and saw everything happening with his own eyes, so he has to know the truth.

This leaves fans suspecting that a multiverse solution is coming. With the prequel being four episodes into the first season, not a single clue about how the storyline fits in the Supernatural canon has been dropped yet.

"Everything is canon and will be explained in episode 13. Jensen and Robbie have said this in numerous interviews and at NYCC. We just have to be patient and trust them," Redditor Good_Hovercraft_2109 suggested.

The first season is expected to consist of 13 episodes, with The CW not ordering more and thus sparking concerns in the fandom that the first season of The Winchesters might as well be its last. However, there has been no official information about the series' future as of now.

The Winchesters airs on The CW on Tuesdays.