The Winchesters Tells Us One Thing: John Learned Nothing

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Why only the worst things remain true to canon in the prequel?

It appears that even if The Winchesters had a goal to somehow redeem John Winchester for fans, it has failed to do it so far.

With the prequel being six episodes into the story, John is yet to make all of the mistakes that Supernatural fans hate him for, but what makes it worse is that people get to see that John actually saw Mary suffering from something that he would repeat in the future to his own kids.

According to some fans, this might be a problem that the prequel is still struggling to solve: the inconsistency of the story that The Winchesters and Supernatural share.

"SPN John didn't know about Mary's upbringing to make a really informed decision on how to proceed. TW John doesn't have the experience of being a father with the knowledge that a monster killed his wife while likely going after his child," Redditor Lone-book-dragon noted.

In fact, instead of enamoring fans with John and Mary's love story, The Winchesters seem to only provide reasons why the two should have never had kids at all. According to fans, John and Mary "are awful for each other and it only gets worse with each episode", with the characters sharing no chemistry and the storyline failing to make people sympathize with the young Winchester parents.

This Supernatural Character Had The Worst Exit (And No, It's Not Dean)

John was hardly a fan favorite before The Winchesters. Supernatural fans hated him for being overly strict to Dean, basically reducing him to someone who should constantly "look after Sammy". People believe that John was actually the reason for all of Dean's trauma he struggled to cope with throughout the 15 seasons of Supernatural.

The Winchesters airs on The CW on Tuesdays, with the next episode to arrive on December 6. Then, the show is going to go on a short hiatus and then return January 24.

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