This Supernatural Character Had The Worst Exit (And No, It's Not Dean)

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It is always hard having to farewell a beloved television character. Fans spend so much time with them, learning about them, watching them grow and develop, and soon they almost feel like a close friend.

But nothing lasts forever, especially on a show like Supernatural where danger lurks around every corner.

While some characters were bid a fond goodbye, others got what the audience thought they deserved, and some left viewers feeling enraged when they exited. Reddit users have spoken and loudly declared which character they felt had the worst exit from the show. And the result may surprise some…

And no, it is not Dean Winchester.

Even though many fans were not happy with his final send off, the majority felt it was an appropriate one. He died doing what he loved and what he felt was right. And in the end, he had peace. So, if not Dean, then who? The answer lies in a much-adored red-headed hacker. Charlie Bradbury, played by Felicia Day.

Charlie was an instant fan favourite when she first appeared in the seventh season. In what seemed intended to only be a one-off appearance, the character was to return in season eight for two episodes. Season nine would see her appear in one episode, which wasn't enough for the audience. She returned in season ten for three episodes and then… boom she was dead. Her death has struck a chord of rage with viewers for several reasons.

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Firstly, Supernatural fans take objection to how violent her end was. Being stabbed to death and left to bleed out in a bathtub, alone, just felt so wrong to them.

It was too much and too cruel for such a sweet character. Secondly, viewers have pointed out that it only just felt like Charlie was becoming a more regular part of the show, which was something fans wanted. But no sooner did the audience start to get comfortable with her being around more often, she was brutally killed.

Thirdly, and perhaps most significantly, fans have identified that the lead-up to her demise was so grossly out of character for her that it should not have happened.

Charlie was extremely intelligent and had years of experience avoiding being detected and caught by baddies. Yet, she isolates herself whilst undertaking a very dangerous task, with no escape plan in place should anything go wrong. Fans feel Charlie would have been smarter and therefore, should not have died in the way she did.

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Finally, her devastating death was cheapened by just having an "alternate Charlie" pop up in season thirteen. Fans feel that it was almost as if the writers realised their mistake and so took a leap to bring the character back in some form. But instead of making people feel content, it had the opposite effect. It made Charlie's crushing death feel almost meaningless. Looking at all the above points, it is easy to see why fans feel that Charlie Bradbury had the worst exit from Supernatural.

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