The Winchesters' Team Failed to Learn the Most Important Supernatural Lesson

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Looks like fans are growing increasingly frustrated with the Supernatural prequel.

What could have been a perfect nostalgic trip back to the world of saving people, hunting things has turned to be a big disappointment for the majority of Supernatural fans.

Led by Jensen Ackles as one of the stars and executive producer, The Winchesters had the potential to revive the iconic universe and give more layers to the story of the iconic hunters' family. Instead, it turned into a "cringe show" with the quality of writing and acting being far away from the original show, according to fans.

Many people have already dubbed it "the worst thing that will ever happen in Supernatural history", while others, although less harsh, still note that the "vibe is off", and "many elements are different".

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A big part of the Supernatural fandom started watching The Winchesters with an intention to give it a chance, but it looks like the new show's team failed to bring the best stuff from Supernatural to the prequel.

"I got about 10 minutes into the third episode and gave up. It's so poorly written and acted and the monsters look cheap. I can't watch it anymore," Redditor Rezolution20 said.

While The CW's desire to cash in on a popular brand like Supernatural is "understandable" for many fans, The Winchesters looks cringe, and it looks like the creative team did not put enough effort to do a better job.

It's understandable that the showrunners wanted to bring something new to the table with a prequel, but they seemed to have missed the mark in terms of capturing the same magic that Supernatural had.

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While the spinoff has some interesting characters and a decent story, it lacks the same kind of charm and quirkiness that made Supernatural so successful. The writers have failed to capture the same mix of horror, drama, and humor that made Supernatural so beloved, and the show is lacking in the same type of engaging plotlines and mythology that kept viewers coming back week after week.

On top of that, the spinoff has failed to really dive into the family dynamics that made the original show so special. While there are moments of heart between the characters, it doesn't feel genuine or as strong as it did in Supernatural.

It's clear that the showrunners were trying to create something different than Supernatural, but in the process, they may have overlooked the elements that made the original show so great.

Still, there is an entire half of the season yet to arrive, and as long as the final episode has not premiered, some fans still keep their hopes up.

The Winchesters airs on The CW on Tuesdays, with the first season to consist of 13 episodes. The network has not yet announced the show's renewal.

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