Unpopular Opinion Suggests Benny is Possibly the Worst Character on Supernatural

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For as long as television has existed, the audience has loved and loathed characters in equal measure. Some are adored, and some are reviled. And it seems everyone has a different opinion. But it is perhaps the unpopular opinions that are the most interesting, to see things from a different point of view.

One Reddit user has stepped up to that plate here making it clear they cannot stand Benjamin "Benny" Lafitte.

Freely admitting that they are aware their view on the character will likely not be well received, they have also disclosed that they cannot offer a valid reason for their dislike.

While they did state that there is an element of missed opportunity in terms of Benny's overall story.

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Some posters have agreed with this assessment, with some describing him as being unnecessary and forgettable, and another sympathising with Sam's dislike of the character.

Other users have leapt to Benny's defence, declaring their love for the vampire and pointing out that despite Sam's distrust, Benny was a true hero for the brothers and consistently showed he was motivated by pure intentions.

He saved Dean's life by helping him get out of Purgatory, and from there he never failed to help the Winchesters when they reached out to him for help.

The conversation has prompted other users to humorously share their own unpopular opinions. It seems the notion has opened a Supernatural can of worms will many Reddit users feeling comfortable in expressing their own views.

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Some common themes appear to be the apocalypse storyline not being loved, Asmodeus exiting too soon, Eve not having a large enough role, and that the series should have ended in either season five or eleven.

Another bugbear among Reddit posters was the introduction of God and angels, feeling this ruined the show. Those who agreed with this particular unpopular opinion stated that Supernatural should have stuck closer to its roots and not attempted such a grand level of storytelling, as it ultimately did not pull it off. Certainly a harsh criticism for a show that is known for its impressive stories, and has run for fifteen successful seasons.

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But that's the thing about unpopular opinions. Everyone has them, and the Internet affords a wonderful opportunity to express them. Perhaps one of the most encouraging things about this particular Reddit thread is the lack of animosity among fans. They may disagree but do so respectfully and continue with an enjoyable thread, sharing their views. Such a mature and calm expression of differing views is certainly a rare thing among most fandoms.

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