The Young & Restless' Zuleyka Silver Believes There's Only One Real Threat For Audra Now

The Young & Restless' Zuleyka Silver Believes There's Only One Real Threat For Audra Now
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You can probably guess who that is.

It's been almost a year since Zuleyka Silver joined the cast of The Young And The Restless and her character Audra Charles first arrived in Genoa City. A lot can change in a year, and it certainly has, not only for Audra but for everyone around her. A character who was looked down upon by many is now finally seen as intriguing.

Silver isn't too sad about the initial poor reaction to Audra: if anything, she understands that every character needs to be built up. In the latest interview with, the actress admits how happy she was when the audience first responded to Charles' scheming.

Now that her motives are a little clearer, viewers are just as drawn to her focused and ambitious nature as they are to her more vulnerable side. With the recent storyline of Audra becoming a victim of Adam's blackmail, viewers are about to see a lot more of that vulnerability.

It also opens up a discussion about what or who could really threaten Audra's entire existence in Genoa City. And it's not Adam who first comes to the actress' mind:

“Nikki doesn’t trust Audra. I think she’s the only person on the canvas who has really been able to see through Audra and her tactics. What’s interesting is Nikki is in a position of power and could fire Audra with a snap of her fingers, but she hasn’t,” Silver said.

Whether Nikki will fire Audra or continue to put her in her place is unknown, but Zuleyka Silver teases some very fun scenes to come for all fans of that dynamic. No matter the outcome, we are sure that the upcoming episodes of The Young And The Restless will be a wild ride that’s worth joining.

To see what the writers have in mind for Audra in the future, be sure to tune in to the current episodes of The Young And The Restless. You can watch them on the CBS app or Paramount Plus.