Them Season 2 Is the Most Terrifying Horror You Can Stream on Prime

Them Season 2 Is the Most Terrifying Horror You Can Stream on Prime
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Get ready to be scared.

Horror genre is one of the most controversial ones out there. Is it really okay for us to be that into bloody and violent stories of curses, ghosts, zombies and whatnot?

Some viewers just enjoy the atmosphere the creepy shows put them in, while the rest cannot handle a single glance at something disturbing (and there are always a lot of disturbing things).

Well, for those who like horror, there's good news: a real one is waiting for your attention on Prime. The show we're talking about has a pretty simple name: it's called THEM, and the first season of the series was released in 2021.

Is THEM Worth Watching?

It was a hit, but it didn't get the highest score from the critics. THEM: Covenant followed a black family whose lives changed tragically after they moved to a disturbing all-white neighborhood.

But the second season called THEM: The Scare, which was released a month ago, already has a 100% Rotten Tomatoes score and managed to drive all the viewers crazy from the first minute.

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Season 2, however, revolves around LAPD Detective Dawn Reeve. He is assigned to a new case: a terrifying murder that has left the most cold-hearted detective speechless. As she gets to the bottom of the case, something sinister begins to take hold of her and her family.

With the second season so hard-hitting, fans can't help but wonder what the next chapter will bring.

“Them : the scare is a second season of the horror anthology Them. I did not watch the first season but wow, the second season is incredible. Masterfully crafted narratives, eerie tension build up, and just brilliant acting. Might not be for everyone but I absolutely loved it!” Redditor angery_bork said

THEM: The Scare is available to stream on Prime Video ( but maybe in the daylight, just for the sake of one’s mental health)