Then & Now: What Happened to These 10 Child Stars of the '90s?

Then & Now: What Happened to These 10 Child Stars of the '90s?
Image credit: Legion-Media

While the proposition of becoming an actor from a young age, rubbing shoulders with A-listers while still in school, may sound like the perfect upbringing to many, it's actually quite common to hear from former child stars about how hard it was for them to work from such a tender age.

And most of them didn't even make a mark in the industry, fading into obscurity right after their movies were released.

Of course, people like Leonardo DiCaprio and Ryan Gosling don't have bad memories of being child actors because their careers are still flourishing, leaving no room for bad memories, but other young actors who failed to capitalize on their roles certainly feel a lot of bad things about growing up in front of the cameras.

Of all the actors on this list, only Anna Chlumsky managed to become a real star as an adult, while others faded from the spotlight for good, either choosing other career paths or still working in movies, albeit in very small roles.

Yes, it sounds a bit depressing, but it's important to remember that the actors in question still managed to spend at least some time as stars, which is something not many people can boast about.