There's a Major Continuity Error With Statue of Liberty in 'Ms. Marvel'

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If you watched 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' closely, you might have already caught it yourself.

'Ms. Marvel' appeared to have treated continuity quite decently, with many fans acknowledging the importance of Kamala Khan's story for the MCU role. However, mistakes still happened.

Eagle-eyed fans have spotted what appears to either be a major continuity error or a hint that the events of 'Ms. Marvel' take place before 'Spider-Man: No Way Home', with the latter being highly unlikely.

It's all about the Statue of Liberty, which still looks copper green in 'Ms. Marvel', despite 'No Way Home' establishing that it was being renovated, with Captain America's shield put in its hands.

It's weird enough for such a continuity error to happen, because 'Ms. Marvel' and 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' were being filmed pretty much at the same time. However, the Statue of Liberty hiccup appears to add up to the pile of continuity errors in Phase Four – something that keeps irritating Marvel fans.

Some people, however, argued that it's not that much of a continuity error in fact. At the end of 'No Way Home', the shield fell from the statue's hand after Green Goblin's grenade exploded. Perhaps, MCU inhabitants decided that it looked better without the shield anyway, fans suggested.

Perhaps, the mystery will be further addressed in future MCU projects, given that the Statue of Liberty frequently finds itself in the middle of some kind of superhero skirmish.

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