There's a Problem With 'D&D: Honor Among Thieves' Cast Reveal

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Do we have 'Dungeons & Dragons' resurging in popularity here?

If 'Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power' and 'House of Dragons' have not managed to steal the spotlight from 'Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves' for you, then you might be eager to learn more about the upcoming movie based on the iconic game.

At SDCC's tavern experience, 'D&D' has revealed its cast, with Chris Pine, Rege Jean-Page, Michelle Rodriguez, Sophia Lillis, and Hugh Grant featured as their characters in a sneak-peek.

However, while fans are excited to welcome a screen adaptation of the beloved game, it seems that there is something wrong with the vibe that the cast channels. According to many people, the first reveal just doesn't look believable enough – particularly that of Chris Pine, who looks like he dropped by the universe of D&D from the streets of New York.

"Chris Pine looks really modern and unfantasy like in this. I'm honestly fine with the cosplay realness of the rest of the cast." – @kuni_khalili

While the rest of the cast looks more universe-appropriate, many fans still blasted the first look as cheap. "This looks like a fake commercial they’d use on 30 Rock," as one of the fans put it on Twitter.

In fact, many people actually want the movie to rather be set in modern days than make an attempt to fit into the fictional reality of Dungeons&Dragons.

"This is going to be a swerve with the film set in modern-day and this is simply how the characters perceive themselves within the game, right? …Right?" – @FredRezaire

Unless something is going to dramatically change in further promotional materials, the adaptation looks too "clean" to be a decent attempt at medieval fantasy, fans concluded.

There is still enough time for them to change their minds, as 'Dungeons&Dragons: Honor Among Thieves' premieres on March 3, 2023.

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