There's a Problem With Ironheart's Upgraded Suit: Here's Why Most Fans Don't Like It

Image credit: Marvel

Riri Williams certainly seems to be a quicker learner than Tony Stark when it comes to progress.

Shortly after the first photos of Dominique Thorne in the Ironheart armor emerged online, leaving fans completely baffled, we seem to have an update on Riri Williams' look… and it's quite controversial.

Thanks to some new merch already spotted by fans in shops, there is an idea of what Riri Williams' upgraded suit of armor will look like. The first photo showed us the "bulky" version of what appears to be her first attempt at an Iron Man-like suit.

But the merch shows an upgraded one, with the look being some sort of a combination between the latest version of Mark suits and Ultron androids. And it's not like every fan is enjoying it.

Even with the Wakandan technology, it seems unrealistic for Riri to jump from Mark 1 to Mark 48 in just one movie, fans argue. But this is not the only issue with the suit that people have.

For some fans, the upgraded suit looks like a "bad Transformer" – even though many are ready to give it some time to settle.

"The mask is kinda throwing me off a bit, like I don't hate it, but it kinda feels like a mixture of a power ranger and Eve from wall.e, Maybe when I see it visually I'll get more used to it." – @CalebTRM

Thorne's character is going to make her first appearance in 'Black Panther: Wakanda Forever', only to return in her own solo show, 'Ironheart', slated for a 2023 release. The second Black Panther installment, in its turn, will premiere on November 11, 2022, finalizing MCU Phase Four.

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