These 10 K-Dramas Take 'Slow Burn' to a Whole New Level

These 10 K-Dramas Take 'Slow Burn' to a Whole New Level
Image credit: tvN

Sometimes you're watching a romance show and the tension between the characters is so palpable, the relationship development feels so organic, and at one moment you wanna shout "Just kiss already!" at your screen — but they don't, they keep dancing around each other and drive you deeper into frustration.

This is slow-burn, and K-Dramas are exceptionally good at portraying it.

The main selling point of a slow-burn romance is how frustrated and pent-up the viewer feels as the characters get closer, and closer, and closer but hesitate to cross that border that would actually make them a couple.

The tension builds up not only between them, but in us, and everything that happens on the screens is relayed to us in a more vivid and palpable way. And, truth be told, in the real world romance doesn't happen overnight, it needs time to bloom organically, so these shows portray it much more naturally than some that can make it feel rushed.

Still, this mix of realism and frustration makes the moments when the characters finally kiss or just profess their love so wonderfully rewarding that you feel the same relief that the main couple does. Yay, we guess?