These 10 Mind-Bending Shows Are a Must-Watch for Severance Fans

These 10 Mind-Bending Shows Are a Must-Watch for Severance Fans
Image credit: USA Network, Apple TV+

Severance is a type of sci-fi that rearranges your brain and forces you to spend some time thinking.

If you're a fan of these types of shows, then this list is exactly what you need: it features sci-fi series that are similarly brain-melting, in a good way, of course.

Not every sci-fi has to be gritty and disturbingly utopian. Humans don't change much, and even in technologically advanced worlds they still have the ability to joke and fail in funny ways.

This is proved by Upload and Made for Love, the latter also focusing on the aspects of modern dating, hyperbolizing them to the point of grotesqueness and asking questions about privacy that are relevant today.

Even these, however, despite comedic elements, have a serious subtext that makes you doubt the direction of the technological progress we're currently following. Some of the best examples of that are Mr. Robot and Westworld.

But if you're into something trippy and visually puzzling, then Maniac is something you should check out. With a slightly retro-futuristic vibe that makes the timeline of the show pretty ambiguous, this series deals with the trauma, grief, and the hold the big pharma has on our society.