These 10 Movie Ships Are Too Problematic in 2024 (But We Love Them Anyway)

These 10 Movie Ships Are Too Problematic in 2024 (But We Love Them Anyway)
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Look, we get that their relationship is not healthy, but the chemistry between these characters is so palpable that we crave more.

Even if it's gonna destroy at least one of them. Thankfully, it's just movies, these characters aren't real people, they can suffer a little for our entertainment.

Love is a very complicated thing. Much like Shrek, it has layers, and if the outer layer seems picturesque and like a textbook romance, the inner workings can be horrifying.

What we see in the movies can be the tip of the iceberg with some of the potential red flags just dangling on the periphery but never getting into the field of view properly. And we hope no one's gonna argue with us when we say that a romance that is a little bit skewed, a little bit chaotic, a little bit weird is much more captivating to witness than something generic.

There's a simple reason for that: it's more exciting. Toxic relationships create more conflicts, and conflicts are the basis of the plot: characters either resolve them, learn to live with them, or fail under pressure and fully crumble in pain. Doesn't mean that we want that for ourselves, though.

Here's the list of all the toxic ships mentioned here: Fifty Shades of Grey - Christian and Anastasia (2015), Twilight - Bella and Edward (2008), Harry Potter - Snape and Lily (2011), After - Hardin and Tessa (2019), The Time Traveler's Wife - Henry and Clare (2009), Suicide Squad - Joker and Harley Quinn (2016), The Breakfast Club - Claire and John (1985), Star Wars - Rey and Ben Solo (2019), The Conjuring - Ed and Lorraine (2013), The Notebook - Allie and Noah (2004).