These 10 Vampire K-Dramas Are Everything Twilight Dreamt to Be

These 10 Vampire K-Dramas Are Everything Twilight Dreamt to Be
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For those tired of dreaming of Edward Cullen.

Although there is a huge potential in any supernatural story, we only hear about the same few vampire TV shows and movies. Of course, it's hard to deny the impact that the Twilight movie franchise or shows like True Blood's The Vampire Diaries have had on both audiences and the industry, but there are many more storylines to explore.

Luckily for those looking for something new, there are plenty of vampire K-dramas that are worthy of viewers' attention. Whether you are a fan of high school romance stories or thrilling mystery dramas, check out the list below and choose the vampire show that suits your taste.

Kissable Lips (2022)

We have already seen all kinds of humans turn into vampires, but what if there was a need for vampires to turn back into human form? The story of such a vampire who drinks pure human blood and finds himself developing feelings for a human whose blood he has drunk is definitely the fresh take on vampire romance that we needed.

Vampire Prosecutor (2011-2012)

When talented and determined prosecutor Min Tae-yeon becomes a vampire, he knows he has to use his powers for good. He drinks the victim's blood to find out what happened and make sure the criminal pays the price for the murder. The problem is that he has to make sure that no one knows his true nature.

Heartbeat (2023)

Another vampire who wanted to become human but failed in his 100-day mission is Seon Woo-hyul. Now half vampire and half human, he becomes the unhappy neighbor of the coldhearted part-time school nurse Joo In-hae. An unexpected romance is the only thing that can bring warmth into their lives.

Vampire Flower (2014)

Looking much younger than you are is not always an advantage, especially for centuries-old vampires cursed to live in the bodies of teenagers. When one such vampire falls in love with high school student Seo Young, he discovers the secrets of her blood and together they embark on a journey to retrieve a vampire flower.

Blood (2015)

A vampire named Ji-sang, struggling with his supernatural origins and an unquenchable thirst for human blood, spends his life treating and researching the most hopeless cancer patients. However, it turns out that he values human life more than some of the people around him, including the director of the hospital.

The Vampire Detective (2016)

Ever since he can remember, Yoon San has always been interested in solving mysteries. That's why he runs a private detective agency together with his friend Yong Goo-Hyung. However, when he is bitten and becomes a vampire, he is faced with one of the most challenging investigations into his own past and new nature.

The Sweet Blood (2021)

If you were looking for a vampire, Son Yeon-seo would never be your first choice. Born from the union of a human and a vampire, she wants nothing more than to be accepted in her school and to be an ordinary teenager. But when word of her classmate's sweet blood spreads among the supernatural beings, she takes it upon herself to protect him.

Orange Marmalade (2015)

Even though humans and vampires can safely coexist in this world because vampires no longer need human blood, vampires are still mistrusted. Baek Ma-ri, who just wants to study peacefully, is bullied at school because of her identity. To make matters worse, she falls in love with the most popular human boy in school.

Bite Sisters (2021)

As an 821-year-old vampire who has lived through many historical events and seen many things, Han Yi-na cannot stand injustice. After accidentally becoming a viral influencer, she begins to use modern technology to her advantage, helping those in need and making the world around her a much better place.

Vampire Idol (2011-2012)

When the prince of a vampire planet comes to Earth to see his favorite idol, he experiences all kinds of cruelty from people because he's considered unattractive by human standards. To prove his worth, he enters the contest to become a pop idol himself and struggles through the journey to fame.

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