These Game of Thrones Characters Are the Show's Most Underrated Team

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Game of Thrones had some pretty awesome teams; Tyrion and Bronn; Jaime and Brienne; Arya and the Hound to name just a few.

But for many fans, arguably the best team in the show was Beric and Thoros. These two secondary characters were pretty badass and fun to watch. And lots of fans believe they were underused in the show.

Even in the book series, they were far from main characters, but their purpose in the books was a lot more defined. With Lady Stoneheart not being in the show, Beric and Thoros were pretty much relegated to being evidence that the gods, and faith-based magic really exist.

This is never more evident than when Thoros fell to his knees and repeated words he didn't really understand to revive Beric.

But there is also the speech Beric gave in which he confessed that every time he comes back, he loses something of himself. This was another important element to the show as it demonstrated that these two characters (much-loved because they basically had superpowers) were not immortal. This scene showed a vulnerability to Beric that had not really been seen before.

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Of course, Beric saved Arya, but that wasn't really his main purpose in the books.

Whilst many have said the duo should have featured more in the show – and there has been some clamouring for a spinoff based on these two or on the Brotherhood in general, it might be argued that their popularity is not down to what the characters did but the way they were portrayed.

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Richard Dormer (Beric Dondarrion) and Paul Kaye (Thoros of Myr) are both high-quality actors with a string of hit roles behind them. And it's fair to say the casting of both was a stroke of genius. Each seemed to have a genuine connection with their character – and the chemistry between the two actors made viewers really believe in the pair as a formidable and able partnership.

The scene when the Hound is sentenced to trial by combat is gripping. And not just because we get to see the flaming sword in action. The acting throughout was impeccable. And it's easy to see why Beric and Thoros were so liked by viewers.

It did feel as though the writers underrated them. Particularly as later seasons veered away from the books and there could have been opportunities to keep the two characters alive and use them further down the line without disrupting the plot of the show.

But, alas, we were treated to just a few short but memorable appearances for what is surely one of the most popular teams to have hit our screens in recent years.

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