Reality Bites: House of the Dragon Kinda Ruined Daenerys' Dragons For Us

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If there's one thing the Game of Thrones prequel did better than the original, it's the dragons.

House of the Dragon took its winged beasts seriously. Unlike Game of Thrones, the prequel decided to make dragons the centerpiece of the show, and it was probably the best — and worst — decision it could have made.

It was the best, because the fire-breathers in House of the Dragon are not only huge and impressive, but unique and realistic. You can easily distinguish between different dragons because they vary in color, shape, size, and even personality.

However, the flawless design of the dragons in the prequel really did Daenerys' "children" a disservice. Compared to the beautiful dragon abundance in House of the Dragon, Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion look, at the very least, disappointing.

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First of all, you can hardly tell the three dragons apart. They all look dark gray, and their growth does not quite fit with the logic and chronology of the series.

"Their size was indeed ridiculous at some point. I get that they needed Dany to ride Drogon, but Drogon in season 6 seems even larger than he is in season 7 and 8. It was poorly handled, even though the CGI looked great," Redditor NeatAccomplished625 said.

According to fans, Game of Thrones' dragons were "too big and not colorful enough," especially when compared to dragons like Caraxes, Syrax, and Seasmoke. Basically, the original show had one job.

"Literally couldn't tell which dragon died when the night king sniped. Colors needed to be amped up like they were in the books. Make them smaller too," Redditor DonutDragons noted.

Well, at least House of the Dragon fixed the original show's mistake and finally did George R.R. Martin's dragons justice. Currently, the prequel is on track to introduce even more fire-breathers as the show enters its Dance of the Dragons era.

House of the Dragon season 2 is set to start filming in March, with the premiere date to be announced by HBO later.

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