Think You Know MCU? These 10 Facts Might Prove You Wrong

Think You Know MCU? These 10 Facts Might Prove You Wrong
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The Avengers almost had a surprise member, while Chris Evans almost wasn’t Cap.

Starting way back in 2008 with Iron Man, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has grown into a massive interconnected powerhouse. Most of us like to boast about spotting all the Easter eggs and staying for the post-credits scenes, but there are plenty of lesser-known facts about the MCU that you might not have even come across.

Marvel Wanted Loki To Be As Good a Villain As Magneto

The MCU villains, in their early days, were often criticized for lacking depth and motivation. Marvel knew they needed to hit a home run with Loki. The studio asked Thor screenwriter Zack Stentz to make him as memorable and iconic as Magneto from X-Men.

Tom Hiddleston was later handed the challenge to portray the baddie, and here we are, eagerly expecting each episode of Loki series where he’s a good guy now. Who could have guessed back then?

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Chris Evans Initially Turned Down Captain America Role

Chris Evans, the heartthrob Captain America we adore, almost wasn't our Cap. When initially approached for the role, Evans had reservations. Battling personal anxieties and doubts about joining a massive franchise, he declined the offer.

But Marvel wasn't giving up. After multiple discussions and even a therapy session or two, Evans reconsidered. Facing his fears head-on, he eventually accepted, and the rest, as they say, is history.

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Why Marvel Recast Thanos After The Avengers

Many remember Thanos' menacing smile from The Avengers. But what most don't know is that it was Damion Poitier, not Josh Brolin, behind that smirk. As the story of Thanos grew in complexity and importance, Marvel sought a change.

But the shift was purely creative. The reason might be that the studio did not have plans for Thanos to become the ultimate villain, and his appearance in The Avengers was just a cameo.

Why Captain America Isn't Eating Shawarma

The humorous post-battle shawarma scene in The Avengers remains iconic. But if you re-watch closely, you'll notice Captain America isn't eating. This wasn’t a character choice, but rather a practical one.

Evans had grown a beard for a different movie role. To remedy this, the filmmakers chose to have Cap appear exhausted, using his hand to hide the unconvincing prosthetic.

Ant-Man's Debut Wasn't By Paul Rudd?

The first guy to play Ant-Man on screen was actually Garrett Morris, and not in a Marvel movie, but in a 1978 SNL sketch. What's even cooler is that Morris has a tiny cameo in the Ant-Man film. Next time you watch, keep an eye out for the driver of the car Scott Lang lands on.

Why Edward Norton Was Replaced

The Incredible Hulk was the second MCU movie, released in 2008 alongside Iron Man. Back then, Edward Norton was a bigger name than Robert Downey Jr., and The Incredible Hulk was likely the movie the studio believed in most.

Norton portrayed Bruce Banner, aka The Hulk. However, the relationship between Norton and Marvel was not all rosy. Norton wanted to contribute to the script, aiming to explore the emotional traumas of Hulk.

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When these changes were eventually dismissed, tensions arose. The aftermath was pretty intense, with Norton making a rather dramatic exit. In 2012 The Avengers, Mark Ruffalo replaced Norton.

Three Marvel Movies Take Place In The Same Week

Did you know that Iron Man 2, The Incredible Hulk, and Thor all happen within the same week? Yup, while it might seem like these movies have little to do with each other, they actually overlap in the Marvel timeline.

This whirlwind week is even highlighted in a comic called Fury’s Big Week. Just another week in the Marvel universe, I suppose!

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Almost-Wasp in The Avengers

Before Hope Van Dyne got her shining moment in Ant-Man and The Wasp, there was an Avengers draft with Janet Van Dyne (the original Wasp). Joss Whedon toyed with the idea of introducing the Wasp in The Avengers partly because there was uncertainty about Scarlett Johansson reprising her role as Black Widow.

But Black Widow returned, and The Wasp didn't make the final cut, but we can dream about how she would've added to the team dynamics.

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Spider-Man's Retcon Cameo

You might remember that adorable kid in Iron Man 2 at Stark Expo, the one almost obliterated by a drone. Could he have been a young Peter Parker, years before taking on the Spider-Man mantle? This was a cool fan theory, before Tom Holland himself confirmed it was actually Spider-Man.

The Voice Behind the Hulk

Lou Ferrigno, who you might remember as the Hulk from the ‘70s TV series, has lent his voice to our MCU Hulk in every film until Thor: Ragnarok. This not only gave fans a sense of nostalgia but also bridged the generational gap. Though Mark Ruffalo took over the Hulk's voice in Thor: Ragnarok, Ferrigno's legacy in the character is undeniable.