This $1B Franchise Is Back For A 'New Era' Under Star Wars Director

This $1B Franchise Is Back For A 'New Era' Under Star Wars Director
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Rejoyce, fellow dinosaur enjoyers: we’re going back to Jurassic World next year!


  • The first Jurassic World 4 director, David Leitch, left after being denied the creative freedom he wanted on the project.
  • Now, Gareth Edwards, the director of Godzilla and Monsters, is in talks to direct the new dinosaur movie.
  • Better yet, the original Jurassic Park’s writer David Koepp will work on the upcoming Jurassic World 4.

Have you ever met a single person who said, “I hate dinosaurs?” We neither. Everyone loves dinosaurs, and this love only grew stronger when Jurassic Park was released in 1993. Not one director has managed to surpass the most iconic dino movie since then, but the Jurassic World franchise that began in 2015 definitely added an entertaining modern twist on the original series’ two-decade-old ideas.

Jumping another decade ahead, we finally have a new dinosaur movie, Jurassic World 4, that aims to fix its predecessors’ mistakes and begin a “new era” of the IP.

Previous Jurassic World 4 Director Quit

Originally, the upcoming Jurassic World movie was supposed to be directed by David Leitch, the famous Deadpool 2 director who pulled Brad Pitt in for a cameo that paid the A-lister just $956. Apart from that, Leitch worked on John Wick, Atomic Blonde, and Bullet Train. The latter, too, starred Brad Pitt thanks to the director’s friendship with the iconic star.

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While David Leitch’s action track record is rather impressive, he didn’t find common grounds with Universal Pictures: the studio wasn’t willing to give the director as much creative freedom as he wanted. Leitch refused to work on Jurassic World 4 under their conditions, and so, the search for a new director began.

New Jurassic World 4 Team Inspires Hope

Currently, Gareth Edwards is in talks to direct the upcoming dinosaur movie, and this sounds like great news. As the person who directed Godzilla and Monsters, Edwards definitely knows how to portray massive scary beasts, and the VFX in his works has always been especially praised by critics and viewers alike. We’re hoping for truly Big Bad Dinos this time around if Edwards agrees to direct the movie!

But that’s not even the best news.

This $1B Franchise Is Back For A 'New Era' Under Star Wars Director - image 2

David Koepp, the writer of the OG Jurassic Park movie that jump-started the entire IP, officially joined Jurassic World 4. With this iconic scribe in the lead and Gareth Edwards in the director’s seat, we’re expecting a true “new era” of the franchise: captivating and energetic like the first movie and modern and great-looking like the last installments.

It’s too early to make such predictions, honestly, but pardon our excitement: as we already said, everyone loves dinosaurs, and we’re no exception.

Source: Deadline