This Character Needs to Die for Teen Wolf: The Movie to Succeed

This Character Needs to Die for Teen Wolf: The Movie to Succeed
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To give its fans and characters some closure, the Teen Wolf revival movie needs to let Allison die for good.

Teen Wolf: The Movie will definitely suffer from the absence of fans' favorite Stiles Stilinski played by Dylan O'Brien, but the revival could still stand strong with the help of a powerful plot seamlessly fitting other returning characters. This could prove to be a daunting task because of the re-entry of one particular character, Allison Argent.

Allison died in season 3 of the MTV series. Her death has become the pivotal point for all main characters, especially Scott McCall and Lydia Martin, and the plot of Teen Wolf in general. Thus, bringing her back could cancel everything that happened after her death, which would be unfair to the show's fans and definitely hurt the movie's ratings.

Besides, the narration of Alison's resurrection could claim a big chunk of the movie's timeline, leaving no time for other characters to act. This problem could be solved if the creators didn't bring back Alison we knew but some version of her and let her die again by the end of the movie, this time for good. Such move could give fans a chance to properly say goodbye to the character since the original Alison never had a funeral after her death in season 3.

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Showing some version of Alison is actually what the creators aim for, judging by the first clip released after NYCC 2022. The footage teased that Allison would return as a villain, which gave birth to a lot of fan theories. Fans believe that Alison had been too good of a character to become evil on her own, so they think some real villain could take control of her resurrected body and use her as a pawn. Or Allison might be some kind of illusion used by the villain to distract or manipulate Scott.

The most story-worthy theory says that Allison could be temporarily resurrected by a villain as some kind of bargain between him and Scott.

"If Scott and the pack stood aside they would get Allison back permanently. And then Scott has to make the difficult choice to let her go and save Beacon Hills," the author of the theory posted on Reddit.

Whatever the plot of the upcoming Teen Wolf movie is, it remains to be hoped that the return of Allison won't erase the beloved characters' arcs and ruin the last three seasons of Teen Wolf just for the sake of cheap nostalgia thrills.