This Glee Scene Was Meant to Be Wholesome, but Instead Felt Like a Slap in the Face

This Glee Scene Was Meant to Be Wholesome, but Instead Felt Like a Slap in the Face
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Ryan Murphy ruined what was left of these characters.

There is nothing Glee fans love and hate more than the show itself. Great in the beginning and utter nonsense in the end, it gave viewers a bunch of amazing characters (only to ruin them years later) and a bunch of amazing song covers, as well as hits like What Does the Fox Say?

Like every other fandom in the 2010s, Gleeks took their ships very seriously. The relationships of Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson, and Santana Lopez and Brittany Pierce, though flawed, were very important to the audience, since there was hardly any other LGBTQ+ representation in the mainstream media.

As unrealistic as it was for the couples who were together in high school to find their way into each other's lives after graduation, there's no other direction the show could have taken.

And it would have been totally fine if the writers hadn’t ended up writing the episode with a double wedding that had ruined what was left of the original characters.

The age of the characters aside, neither Kurt nor Santana would realistically agree to go through with such a plan.

In today's terms, Kurt Hummel would be a character with a Pinterest board with hundreds of pins saved specifically for his wedding. He's been dreaming about it for a long time and wouldn't be willing to compromise his special day for anyone else.

Santana, on the other hand, would be unlikely to join Kurt and Blaine after the treatment the former gave her while living in New York. As annoying and downright mean as she was at times, she didn't deserve a friend as bitter as Kurt was after her proposal to Brittany.

However, this double wedding felt like the writers' last resort to push the characters toward each other in an attempt at a happy ending. While some fans enjoyed the gesture, others simply refused to believe anything that happened after the season 3 finale was canon.

Whether or not you enjoyed this episode and the ending for Brittana vs. Klaine, you can't deny that there were some killer covers in it. If you want to watch it again, you can stream Glee on Hulu or Disney Plus.