This Grey’s Anatomy Star Comeback Is Long Overdue: Will Sandra Oh Return?

This Grey’s Anatomy Star Comeback Is Long Overdue: Will Sandra Oh Return?
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The 20th season celebration won’t be the same without her.


  • Since 2004, when Grey's Anatomy first began airing on ABC, Cristina Yang has quickly become a fan-favorite character.
  • Her straightforward approach, unparalleled genius mind, and complete lack of social skills have made her a highly entertaining character.
  • Her on-screen ex, Kevin McKidd, admits that he'd love to see Cristina back on the show to settle all of their unfinished business.

No matter who your favorite Grey's Anatomy character of all time is, Sandra Oh's Cristina Yang is likely to take at least one of the top 3 positions on the list. Although she was a pain in the neck for many seniors and never the nicest when it came to dealing with sensitive patients, she was brilliant and extremely fun to watch.

Medical drama aside, Cristina also served as a great representation of childless young women struggling in relationships because their values were never taken seriously. Her character was relatable, and the trauma she experienced was one that many women could relate to.

After Cristina Yang officially left ABC's flagship medical drama, fans lived off of one of her random appearances and mentions, the last of which occurred in season 16. And now, it's not just the viewers who want to see Sandra Oh back on the show, but her former co-stars as well.

Will Cristina Yang Return to Grey’s Anatomy in Season 20?

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So far, there are no signs that the actress will return to the show for Grey's Anatomy's 20th anniversary. Announced guest star of the season, series veteran Jessica Capshaw will reprise her role as Arizona Robbins, and Alex Landi is back as Dr. Nico Kim, but there is no news on Cristina Yang.

What we do have, however, is the support of Kevin McKidd, whose character Owen Hunt has an extensive history with Yang and could have used some kind of closure that never happened. Now that they've both grown up, Hunt could probably give Yang a long overdue apology... or at least that's what the fans want to see.

The actor himself thinks the conversation the two could have had would have been complicated, but definitely worth a try. In an interview with People, he shared his thoughts on what Sandra Oh's potential comeback could look like 11 years after she left the show:

“I was just talking about it the other night, I was like, ‘I feel like we should try and get Cristina to come back. And maybe it's something to do with some heart transplant or something that she has to show up. <...> Maybe Owen has to travel somewhere, and here’s Cristina at some conference. I don’t know, but I think it would be really great television.”

We're sure McKidd wouldn't be the only one excited to share the screen with Sandra Oh again. Ellen Pompeo, who has retired from being a regular on the show, would probably want to return to see her best friend as well. All in all, the episode would have been the ultimate comeback of Grey's Anatomy in its prime.

Cristina's return or not, so far season 20 of the show is proving to be the freshest we've had in a while, so if you're interested in taking a look at how things are going at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital today, be sure to tune in to Grey's Anatomy every Thursday on ABC.

Source: People