This Highly Anticipated Movie Is A Sequel To A 1931 (!) Vampire Classic

This Highly Anticipated Movie Is A Sequel To A 1931 (!) Vampire Classic
Image credit: Legion-Media

As if we couldn't love Nicolas Cage more, his new movie proves the man is capable of raising the dead, as apparently his upcoming movie Renfield will serve as a direct sequel to the 1931 horror classic, Dracula.

Despite the fact that both Renfield (played by Nicholas Hoult in the new movie) and Count Dracula (Nicolas Cage) met their end in the original movie, director Chris McKay takes a unique approach to the story, picking up where the original movie left off.

How exactly? Remains a mystery up until the premiere this month.

If the trailer is any indication, the new movie is a clear tonal departure from the original, with Nicolas Cage set to play the flamboyant Count Dracula in an over-the-top horror-comedy role.

This is a far cry from Bela Lugosi's portrayal in the 1931 classic. Renfield as a movie will supposedly bring an ironic take to the classic vampire saga.

As observant fans will have noticed by now in the trailer that Nicolas Cage's appearance as Count Dracula looks a lot like that of Bela Lugosi in Charles Albert Browning's 1931 Dracula, the first ever Count Dracula to grace the silver screens.

And it seems like the similarities are all intentional.

Being a direct sequel to the 1931 movie, Renfield might accidentally or intentionally (this too is yet to be seen in the very movie) serve as a time-bridge of sorts, transporting audiences to one of the most iconic and defining moments of the cinema.

"I think it would've been a funny way of positioning this movie," said Renfield's director as he actually initially wanted to use the whole sequel to the 1931 movie thing as a marketing tool.

Renfield will be released on April 14, 2023. Fans will soon see for themselves whether McKay, Cage and Hoult manage to match the bar they have set so high by attempting to raise the (un)dead.