This 'House of the Dragon' Season 2 Scene Could Become the Show's Most Violent

This 'House of the Dragon' Season 2 Scene Could Become the Show's Most Violent
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It might be too early to discuss season 2, but it seems that fans are already excited about the future of the 'Game of Thrones' prequel.

The first season of 'House of the Dragon ' has just started, but fans are already discussing what could potentially become the most gruesome scene in season 2. Yes, they're talking about Blood and Cheese.

For those who feel it sounds like a bad idea for a wine snack plate: Blood and Cheese are the two people who managed to live through the Dance of the Dragons. Blood and Cheese are obviously nicknames; their real names are a mystery.

Blood was a butcher who served as a serjeant in the City Watch of King's Landing but lost his gold cloak after beating up a whore in a drunken rage. Cheese, in his turn, was a ratcatcher who knew the structure of the hidden tunnels of the Red Keep. During the Dance of the Dragons – the civil war among the Targaryens over the throne succession – the two slew Prince Jaehaerys, the firstborn son of King Aegon II, Rhaenyra's rival in the war.

The scene was violent even by the standards of the 'Game of Thrones ' universe. After breaking into the Red Keep, Blood and Cheese made Queen Helaena choose which one of her three children dies. When she reluctantly chooses Maelor, the two still slayed the firstborn child.

Fans believe that everything shows the showrunners are not going to restrain themselves when bringing this scene to screens. During the 'House of the Dragons' Comic-Con panel, Ryan Condal mentions that the show has a "specific budget line item in season two for custom severed heads".

"If we see it at all, I'd expect it to be like the beheading during Daemon's purge with the Gold Cloaks – we see the sword swinging, cut to something else (probably Helaena screaming), then cut back to see the head." – /wordswords22

This little detail points to the fact that the identity of the victim is important; which is why fans thought it was the Blood and Cheese sequence Condal was talking about, and the custom severed head was for the poor Jaehaerys. While some people believe that the showrunners are going to cut back on violence in this specific scene, it would seem that they might, on the contrary, unleash the full power of the 'Game of Thrones' gore in season 2.

"I mean we might see the head afterwards because it's written in that the killers flee with it, but I'd be a mix of surprised and horrified if they filmed it so it looks like a 6 year old gets beheaded on screen." – /DannyBlack70

The premiere date for the second season of 'House of the Dragon' is still to be scheduled. Season 1 premiered on HBO Max on August 21, with new episodes to arrive each Sunday through October.