This Pairing is Probably Grey's Anatomy's Biggest 'What If'

This Pairing is Probably Grey's Anatomy's Biggest 'What If'
Image credit: ABC

The show has chosen the best way, according to fans, but one will always toy with the idea...

Grey's Anatomy has a lot of stuff to unpack after 19 seasons, especially when it comes to all the possible couples. One duo, in particular, could have been a lot more than just friends, or at least fans believe the showrunners have been flirting with such an idea.

We're talking about Meredith and Alex, of course. Some fans believe that these two were on the brink of becoming a romantic thing rather than a picture-perfect example of a platonic friendship.

Redditors particularly recalled the moment from season 11 episode 22, when it turns out that Alex is Meredith's emergency contact. The circumstances are less than romantic: Meredith is pregnant with her daughter after Derek's death, and Zola calls 911 when she starts bleeding. That's when Alex shows up.

According to some fans, writers were toying with the idea of making the two a couple; however, the fact that it didn't happen is a reason why fans are grateful to them.

"I love seeing platonic male and female relationships and that's exactly what they showed," Redditor weirdoinchains said.

Other fans agreed with the sentiment, saying that Alex and Meredith always loved each other as brother and sister, and it would be wrong for Grey's Anatomy to suddenly change that.

Besides, the fact that writers stuck to friendship provides a rare instance of platonic male-female friendship representation — not something that the media frequently treats us with.

Grey's Anatomy is currently in its 19th season, with its main star, Ellen Pompeo, exiting the series as a full-time character but leaving the door open.