This Scene From The Mummy Was So Scary Even The Actor Was Terrified

This Scene From The Mummy Was So Scary Even The Actor Was Terrified
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There have been many scary moments in Mummy movies, but this scene was so bold that it scared not only viewers but also its star.

The popular Mummy franchise traces its roots back to Universal Pictures' classic horror film The Mummy (1932), starred by Boris Karloff. This atmospheric masterpiece, which introduced the cursed Egyptian priest Imhotep and his relentless quest for eternal life, set the stage for future films.

With a fresh and action-packed reboot in 1999, Universal Pictures breathed new life into the Mummy franchise. Directed by Stephen Sommers, The Mummy introduced audiences to charming rogue Rick O'Connell, played by Brendan Fraser, as he and Rachel Weisz's charming librarian Evelyn Carnahan embark on an adventure against a mummified ancient Egyptian priest accidentally resurrected with a powerful curse.

The movie was an instant hit, striking the perfect balance between high-octane adventure, supernatural horror, and lighthearted humor. While the terrifying moments of the film mesmerized audiences, little did they know that one particular scene was even more terrifying in real life.

The opening scene of The Mummy featured a chilling flashback showing the mummification of Imhotep in 1290 B.C. Wrapped in bandages, Imhotep is tortured in the most disturbing way, with scarab beetles being poured into his coffin to devour him alive. While the moment is one of the most chilling for viewers, for Arnold Vosloo, who played Imhotep, the harrowing scene was enough of a struggle during filming.

According to the actor and his interview with Moviestar in 2001, the movie's villain was really freaked out by the opening scene. Describing it as "a strange feeling," Vosloo shared his discomfort at being tightly wrapped in bandages and placed in a coffin. Although the beetles were primarily CGI, they had a lasting effect on the actor, who was unsettled for weeks after filming.

The Mummy franchise managed to create a memorable and terrifying experience for both audiences and actors, with one particular scene setting the tone for the film's success. Over the course of its rich history, this franchise has transformed the concept of mummies into an enduring symbol of both terror and fascination, and no other reboot has been able to top the legacy that was once brought to life by an all-star cast and crew.

As we await a potential fourth chapter in this compelling saga, the Mummy franchise will always stand as Hollywood's testament to the enduring power of myth and adventure.

Would you let yourself be wrapped in bandages and placed in a coffin for the sake of the movie's success?

Source: Moviestar