This 'Stranger Things' S4E1 Character Death Has Fans Scared For Max's Life

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The beginning of season 4 surely indicates that no one is safe in this show.

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for 'Stranger Things' season 4

Episode 1 of season 4 already has fans worrying about one of the main characters based on how a supporting character died. And there are eight more episodes to go.

The first episode of the season ended tragically for Chrissy Cunningham, a Hawkins school cheerleader, who was haunted and killed by an intimidating Upside Down creature (who many fans think is Vecna). At some point, Chrissy was seen levitating before her death – a detail that immediately gave many people flashbacks to the trailer, where Max Mayfield was also levitating.

Before the season premiere, fans were already worried sick about Max's destiny, but Chrissy's death has only fueled the fire.

Some people were saddened to have their potential shipping interest cut off.

Indeed, levitating characters in 'Stranger Things' have never had a particularly happy ending, but there is still hope that Max is going to be the first one to survive it.

'Stranger Things' Volume 1 dropped on May 27, with the two final episodes of Volume 2 to follow on July 1.

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