This Unknown Superhero Movie Reportedly Has 45 Writers, And Fans Brainstorm Who Could it Be About

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Sometimes, even two or three writers for just one movie are too much, but dozens of them?

There is a massive superhero movie based on high-profile comic book that is due to hit screens in 2023, and it has an unprecedented amount of screenwriters working on it, according to Deadline.

The report claims that there are as many as 45 people involved in the making, but the chances that all of them get credit is "basically impossible". The writers are going to be involved in the work at various stages, not all at the same time, but it still marks a staggering number of people to work on a script.

Deadline never clarified what movie required this many writers, but many fans have immediately suggested that the whole case is about 'The Flash'.

But there are other options as well.

Particularly, many fans hope that the huge number of screenwriters can indicate several universes in the mysterious movie.

It wouldn't be Twitter if there were no jokes about 'Morbius'.

Should it actually be 'The Flash', then the movie will indeed be one of the most controversial superhero films ever released, given there is already enough buzz around it, thanks to Ezra Miller's numerous arrests and the possibility of recasting him. 'The Flash' premiere date falls in line with Deadline's report, as it is set to hit theaters on June 23, 2023.

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