'Thor 5' Villain Is Seemingly Revealed, And It's A Classic Showdown

'Thor 5' Villain Is Seemingly Revealed, And It's A Classic Showdown
Image credit: Legion-Media

Following the world premiere of 'Love and Thunder' in Los Angeles last week, early plot leaks began to surface, promising some great developments for the MCU in general and Thor in particular.

As all Asgardian's fans are already well aware, Thor and all the MCU gods are in danger from Gorr, who intends to make them pay for the loss of his family. In addition to Thor and his Asgardian brethren, the Olympians will finally appear in live action, with Zeus played by Russell Crowe leading them into battle. Although, thanks to leaks, fans already know that the Greek god of thunder will refuse to help his Scandinavian counterpart, Zeus still can end up playing a huge role in the already discussed 'Thor 5'.

Major spoilers ahead!

In the 'Love and Thunder' plot outline leaked and discussed on Reddit, the post-credit scenes have finally been revealed, and one of them caught fans' particular attention. Zeus, angered by Thor and Valkyrie's victory over him, sends Hercules to kill the god of thunder, hinting at the main conflict of the upcoming movie or perhaps Disney+ series.

The rivalry between these two superpowered men featured quite frequently in the original comics, with Hercules surprisingly often proving to be stronger than the prince of Asgard. With his superhuman strength to rival even the Hulk, the Olympic demigod will certainly prove to be a viable antihero in upcoming MCU projects. And while Hercules' debut in post-credits scenes will undoubtedly delight audiences, some fans were hoping for a different character to appear.

"I was hoping for Beta Ray Bill as well, but Hercules makes sense given the fact that we know Zeus is in this one. Still, seems kind of dumb to have Hercules go after Thor when Thor is the one who stops Gorr or whatever." – /olgil75.

Despite everyone's anticipation of Beta Ray Bill's appearance in the MCU, the fandom is still willing to give Hercules a chance, already speculating on his role in the rumored 'Thor 5'.

"I’m hoping Hercules is basically a co-lead and Thor ends up growing on him by the end of their little fated adventure," – /Danbito.

'Thor: Love and Thunder ' will arrive to cinemas around U.S. on July 7, 2022.