'Thor: Love and Thunder' Trailer: List of All the Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed

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Here's the list of everything 'Thor: Love and Thunder' trailer showed us (and a little something it didn't).

The wait is over… but not really, because 'Love and Thunder' only got a teaser, not a full trailer. Furthermore, the teaser does leave a couple of questions hanging.

On April 18, the first trailer of 'Thor: Love and Thunder' finally dropped, with fans, thirsty for any new details about the movie, immediately rushing to decipher the one minute and thirty seconds of precious new promo material.

Here's what they already noticed.

Thor is back in shape… but not back on superhero track?

No more fat uncle from next door – the God of Thunder has brought back his physique, as he seems to be in the middle of his trauma healing journey. Not only has Thor improved physically, but also mentally: he is struggling to find his own way and even claims that his "superheroing days are over".

Also there is a question of how exactly Thor got back in shape:

The 'Strongest Avenger' Hat

During Thor's sports routine, we can spot one hell of a look there. This is, of course, a call back to 'Thor: Ragnarok', where Thor actually calls himself the strongest Avenger talking to Hulk. Never too modest.

'King and Queen of Asgard'

In the teaser, we see Valkyrie rocking a suit and seemingly occupying some sort of a powerful position.

And yes, Jane Foster is here, absolutely ready to cast some lightning as Mighty Thor. It was easy to spot that she was wielding Mjolnir – Thor's signature weapon that only obeys those who are worthy. Among them, besides Thor, was Captain America – but now he's not the only one.

Mjolnir also looks noticeably cracked and re-assembled together – apparently, following its destruction in 'Thor: Ragnarok'.

The Olympians

It seems that Thor is also not the only god in the room – judging by a bolt of golden lightning that finds itself at someone's mighty hand at some point in the trailer, we're going to have the Olympians, people.

Some people already believe that the golden days of the gods may be ended by Gorr the God Butcher.

Oh, wait…

…Where is Gorr?

We had a sneak peek of Christian Bale's villain, Gorr the Butcher, thanks to the merch. But there was absolutely no sign of him in the new trailer, leaving fans intrigued about Thor's intention to end his superhero tenure and the fate of the new Asgard.

However, there was an Easter egg reminding us about Gorr.

Many fans have already spotted how on-point some of the visuals in the upcoming movie are, particularly when it comes to following the comic book stories.

Look at this frame, for example.

But this frame is not only a nod to the comics: in the frame, we see the slain Behemoth, a patron god of the galactic frontier that was killed during Thor's trips across the galaxy.

The death of Behemoth could absolutely be something that Gorr the Butcher did, according to some fans. However, the first trailer remains mum about it.

Yet another reference to original Marvel comics appears right at the very start of the new 'Thor' teaser:

Shape of Australia in the poster?

Aside from the first trailer, we received a promotional character poster for Thor – in which BossLogic, for example, happened to notice the shape of Australia. Would be fun if that was indeed intended, given that Australia is Chris Hemsworth's motherland.

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