'Thor: Love And Thunder' Trailer is Finally Here, And Fans Are Rattling Social Media

Image credit: Legion-Media

The time has come: #ThorLoveAndThunder is finally trending on Twitter for a solid reason.

Yes, yes, it is happening. After a bunch of news and leaks that were hyping fans up, the trailer for 'Love and Thunder' has finally dropped, and well… if you're not ready for a thunderstorm, then probably avoid Twitter for a couple of days.

We all got tired of trying to get a sneak peak of Thor's new looks in merch and scarce behind-the-scenes photos. Finally, this is our chance to have a proper look.

Hey, check out who else is there!

It seems that the ongoing online frenzy is also a show of relief, because some fans were seriously concerned there'll be no 'Thor' sequel for them on July 8. Worry not, people of Asgard, you will get to see the God of Thunder exactly on time, just make sure to get your tickets.

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