Throughout The Good Doctor Run, the Most Hated Character Has the Best Growth

Throughout The Good Doctor Run, the Most Hated Character Has the Best Growth
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Yes, it’s possible.

Every show’s universe consists of many different characters. They all have their own personalities: some are more flawed, some are just angels, and some are so plain and bleak you don’t even notice them on screen.

Each character in the show has a specific purpose. The main protagonist is there to make you root for him, the main antagonist and other villainous characters are for you to root against them. There are also the ones you hate at first glance. They are not necessarily the bad guys in the whole story, but you still wish them bad luck every time they appear on screen.

The badass bastard of ABC’s The Good Doctor series is definitely Dr. Morgan Reznick, played just amazingly by Fiona Gubelmann. She first appeared in the show as a recurring character in the first season and was promoted to a regular in season 2.

Well, for those who don’t remember, The Good Doctor is a show about a young man named Shaun Murphy, who has an autistic disorder but is a brilliant surgeon. He goes through many struggles to make his patients and his colleagues respect him and manages to succeed.

Why Do The Good Doctor Fans Hate Dr. Morgan Reznick?

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Now, while Shaun is clearly the character who is absolutely adored by the viewers, Dr. Morgan is the one who is absolutely hated. What people dislike about her is how little she cares about everyone around her and how bossy and nosy she can be.

Her character is actually quite controversial, and that's what drives the fans crazy as well. One minute she can be the voice of reason in the show, and the next minute she can be causing trouble just because she is bored.

What the haters can't deny, however, is that while she hasn't changed her core beliefs as a character, she has changed a lot over the course of the show. And for the better! And her attitude even helps her deal with bigger bullies.

“At this point, I honestly think Morgan is far more likable than Claire! Morgan may be an abrasive character, but I like that about her because she puts Claire in her place and calls her out. Also I appreciate her determination and willingness to stand up for her patients. At times she can be a b*tch, but she owns it in a way that makes her very refreshing!” Redditor Lazuliskies said.

The Good Doctor is currently in its final season, so don't miss it. You can stream the show on Hulu.