Timothy Olyphant Lost More Than $100M By Refusing a Role In Cult Franchise

Timothy Olyphant Lost More Than $100M By Refusing a Role In Cult Franchise
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One of pop culture's most iconic characters could look very different.

Timothy Olyphant was predicted to have a great future in sports, but one day everything changed by a chance acquaintance with one of the Los Angeles acting schools.

Timothy came to the group classes following the girl he admired. However, he soon realized that it was in the theatrical art that his true vocation lay.

Timothy Olyphant had a small role in the television series Mr & Mrs Smith, appeared in several episodes of High Incident and played one of Carrie Bradshaw's many boyfriends in Sex and the City.

The actor's work in When Trumpets Fade and the legendary horror movie Scream 2 were the most notable at the time. These movies have become the first step for the actor to world fame and popularity.

This was followed by more notable roles in movies such as The Girl Next Door, My Name Is Earl, Fargo and Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood.

Even though the actor has so many outstanding roles in his piggy bank, it turns out that he could have one more in one of the most successful franchises – The Fast and the Furious.

Just as The Fast and the Furious originally had a much less catchy name – Redline – Vin Diesel was not the first candidate for the lead role.

Universal agreed to greenlight the project on one condition: Timothy Olyphant would play Dominic Toretto.

Universal's gamble was obvious: Olyphant had just finished filming Gone in Sixty Seconds, which meant he would be fresh in the minds of the viewers. But that is precisely why the actor refused: the movies seemed too similar to him.

After reading the script, Vin Diesel also turned it down at first: the character was too one-dimensional for him. However, the actor was allowed to make his own changes, which convinced him to accept the role.

Timothy revealed what he thinks about such an oversight on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

"I just thought, well, this will just be stupid, and I thought no one is gonna wanna see this movie eight or nine different times. I mean, by the third or fourth sequel, people are gonna definitely get bored of it. Right," the actor said.

As we can see now, the actor was wrong. But Timothy is not particularly worried about the fact that he lost more than $100 million by turning down the role.

He admits that such movies are just not his cup of tea. For such a commitment to his principles, fans can only pay tribute to the actor.