'Tokyo Vice' Renewal: Here's What Season 2 Could Explore

Image credit: HBO Max

The hit HBO Max series about an American crime reporter caught up in Tokyo underworld is nearing the end of its first season, and fans are wondering where the plot might go next.

No confirmation towards 'Tokyo Vice' season 2 was made by HBO, but fans on social media are vocally hoping that the series will be renewed. While waiting for the official announcement, fans decided to take matters into their own hands, discussing where Ansel Elgort's character might find himself in future seasons.

Many people are certain that one season isn't enough to thoroughly cover the events unfolding in the original book, so they are betting to see their favorite characters once again in the second season.

Others are still convinced that 'Tokyo Vice' is a limited series, but hope to see something like 'True Detective' in future seasons. Jack Adelstein, author of the nonfiction book on which the series is based, has published two other books on Japanese crime, so future seasons may be based on them as well.

'Tokyo Vice' season 1 is currently streaming on HBO Max with the season finale set to air on April 28.

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