Tom Cruise Needed Literally Thousands of Practice Jumps For MI7 Wild Stunt

Tom Cruise Needed Literally Thousands of Practice Jumps For MI7 Wild Stunt
Image credit: Paramount Pictures

You won’t see this in any other film.

For Tom Cruise who’s been the star of action films in general and the Mission: Impossible franchise specifically doing a stunt must feel like just another Tuesday, one would think. However, with every adventure his character hops onto being more dangerous than the other, the stunts need to become more impressive too.

Besides, at this point, the actor sees every other stunt he can perform as a challenge. And the ones that were captured in Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One certainly did not lack any difficulty. In fact, one of the scenes might even be the hardest and the most ambitious one in cinema history.

If we were to describe the scene without too many spoilers, we’d say it involves agent Ethan Hunt riding a motorbike and trying to catch up with a train that's outpacing him. What a man was to do if not jump off the cliff, right?

By flipping high in the air, transitioning into BASE jumping, and chasing the train this way to land onto one of the cars by parachuting, this sequence would be too risky for anyone to try out, but Cruise.

Not only did he admit to thinking about a stunt like this for a long time, but he was ready to go through what must’ve been the hardest training of his life.

“This was in the works for years, and training was immense. I had to get so good on the bike. There was no chance I was going to miss my mark. So you train and drill every little aspect, over and over again,” the actor explained to Men's Journal.

From learning to ride a motorbike so perfectly that he could rely on his feelings and intuition to choose the right time for the jump, to making around 13,000 practice jumps and 500 skydives leading up to the stunt, Tom Cruise never gave up. According to stunt coordinator Wade Eastwood, the actor once again showed his dedication and crazy stamina.

Whether that is the stunt itself or the amazing production quality overall, part 7 of the Mission: Impossible franchise had a great start grossing $15M on its premiere day. Perhaps, so many jumps can help Tom Cruise reach the stars once again.

If you want to see the end result on a big screen, go ahead and purchase the tickets to Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One in your local theaters.

Source: Men's Journal