Tom Felton Has Some Heartbreaking Words About Late Robbie Coltrane

Tom Felton Has Some Heartbreaking Words About Late Robbie Coltrane
Image credit: Legion-Media

Robbie Coltrane's death was a loss for any movie fan, but especially for the Harry Potter community.

The Hagrid actor played his character with incredible warmth and extreme acting sensitivity. Robbie Coltrane died in Fall 2022, leaving an enormous hole in the hearts of Harry Potter franchise's actors and fans alike.

The actor behind the character of Draco Malfoy, Tom Felton, penned a message to remember his colleague, who always had a special role on the Wizarding World movies.

Harry Potter star shared in a E! publication that the Hagrid actor Coltrane "managed to be an adult and a child at the same time."

As Felton wrote, the gulf between child actors and veteran actors was sometimes difficult to bridge in the early Harry Potter days.

But not for Coltrane. Felton says adults have shown him respect for his rich experience in everything "from engineering to geography." But he was also loved by the children.

The child actors portraying the protagonists in the magical franchise, were pre-teens by the time the first movie started shooting.

They spent their formative years on the set of the movies, basically growing up there. And while Coltrane could keep up with any conversation with his adult counterparts, he has always been close with the children.

As Felton reminisces, as kids, they just wanted to be "mischievous, impish and high-spirited." This was also the case with Robbie.

"He had more mischief in him than a common room full of Slytherins," as Felton describes the late actor.

Besides the letter of commemoration that Felton has written, he has also recently released his memoir titled Beyond the Wand: The Magic and Mayhem of Growing Up a Wizard.

In the book, the Draco Malfoy actor describes his sudden rise to fame and trials and tribulations of navigating the adult wizarding world of cinema, as well as finding himself in the muggle realm, tasked with trying to be a regular teenager.