Top 15 Cult Classics From the 80s That Still Hold Up in 2024

Top 15 Cult Classics From the 80s That Still Hold Up in 2024
Image credit: Legion-Media/globallookpress

Thinking that the 80s were almost half a century ago fills us with a little bit of dread. But thankfully, some of the movies that were produced back then aged quite well and feel as relevant today as they are now.

Or, at least, the plot and the VFX don't make us cringe as much as we thought they would and let us enjoy the whole thing.

Some of us remember these movies as something that we accidentally caught on the TV while we were kids. But revisiting things that you saw in your childhood when you're a grown-up is a very interesting experience.

You start to interpret things differently as you age and gain experience, the problems that characters face that weren't relevant to you before now feel painfully relatable, and the jokes that you didn't even register finally land. Aging, however, is not the only reason for revisiting these movies.

They're just good, they pose interesting questions or feature fun stories, some of them look adorably weird but still captivating. Lots of modern blockbusters were based on the ideas first introduced in these shows. There are some VFX pioneers in this list, too, and they still look cool.