Toy Story Fan Theory Finally Answers The Question We All Tried to Avoid

Toy Story Fan Theory Finally Answers The Question We All Tried to Avoid
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You never want to think about these Pixar movies too much, or it gets either creepy or heartbreaking.

We all love Toy Story. It's a movie that so many people grew up with, and aside from delivering a beautiful message and story, it also made us all keep an eye on our toys, waiting for them to come to life.

However, there was one issue that we all ignored until now. While Andy and his mother seem to be a lovely family, where is his father?

A Reddit theory has an answer for that, and it's kind of depressing to realize that it actually works for the movie.

Some people may assume that Andy's father is dead, but it's not that simple, according to Redditor Slant_Juicy. In fact, all the evidence suggests that both Andy and his mother are dealing with the aftermath of a rather painful divorce.

Think about it. It looks like Molly and Andy have the same father, so it's safe to say that he was around until recently. Besides, we can see a lot of family pictures on the walls of their apartment, and neither of them has the father.

"Most people don't get rid of pictures of a beloved family member who died, but they will purge all evidence of their cheating ex-husband who left them for his secretary. Also notice the lack of a ring on the mom's finger- not typical for a still-grieving widow, but very typical for a woman who was just left," the Redditor noted.

Even the move to another house seems sudden and unplanned, the theory goes on, and the new house is smaller. According to the theorist, it's almost as if the mother suddenly couldn't afford the previous house. Even Andy's birthday party was moved to accommodate the new plans – not something you would normally do for your child's birthday unless you absolutely had to.

"Finally, there's the puppy. Andy gets a puppy for Christmas, which by itself isn't an indicator of anything. But it is true that some people recommend getting a pet for children who are coping with the aftermath of divorce," the theory author concluded.

Now that we think about it, this case is almost more traumatic than the death of the father. We warned you from the beginning: overthinking is extremely dangerous when it comes to Pixar movies.