Toy Story's Biggest Mystery Finally Uncovered

Toy Story's Biggest Mystery Finally Uncovered
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All these sleepless nights when you kept wondering why Buzz Lightyear was freezing around people if he didn't think he was a toy are about to end for good.

So, do you remember how in the first Toy Story Buzz Lightyear was convinced that he was a real astronaut instead of a toy?

Later, he saw an ad and learned that he was wrong, of course, but up until that point, he considered himself human.

What's interesting about this is that despite believing that he was a real person, Buzz was still freezing in the presence of people.

This doesn't seem logical — why would you do what toys do if you are not one of them?

Fortunately for all of us who kept wondering about this, a reasonable explanation popped up recently.

Reddit user EstablishmentWild263 posted a theory that perfectly explains the reasons behind Buzz Lightyear's weird behavior while tying it together with what we saw and heard in Toy Story.

When Buzz first appears on the screen, he believes that his starship crashed and that's how he ended up on Andy's bed.

Buzz keeps trying to reach out to StarCommand and report the situation — it's very obvious that he thinks he crashed on an alien planet. This is not a theory as Buzz literally says it out loud, too.

After he finds out that Woody tried to kill him, he states that on his planet, they don't believe in seeking revenge, but since he's not on his planet, he doesn't need to follow those rules. Buzz is 100% sure that he ended up on a different planet.

This is where the key to his behavior lies.

Buzz is on an alien planet. The creatures his size are normal to him, but those giants that are a few dozen times bigger than him are clearly… Aliens!

The "normal" creatures keep freezing whenever in the giant aliens' presence, and it only seems logical for Buzz to take after their example.

Basically, the poor astronaut is trying his best to survive in potentially high-risk situations involving massive monsters. If the others do that and are still alive, it's safer to follow their lead.

So yeah, the common idea that toys are programmed to freeze is false. If the fact that the toys literally attacked the freaky neighbor kid wasn't enough proof, Buzz Lightyear is yet another proof of that fact, not the other way around.

Source: Reddit