True Detective Creator Under Fire for Dissing Critically Acclaimed Season 4

True Detective Creator Under Fire for Dissing Critically Acclaimed Season 4
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Logically speaking, the creator of the show has every right to express his opinion. Or does he not?


  • The final episode of Night Country received the lowest rating in the show's history on IMDb – only 5.5, despite the fact that the season as a whole became the most-watched of all time.
  • Nic Pizzolatto, the former showrunner who was replaced by Issa Lopez, has repeatedly criticized Season 4 for its connection to Season 1 and has also reposted critical posts on his Instagram account.
  • Despite Night Country becoming the most-watched season, its impact on the television series industry is still ambiguous, while the first season is firmly entrenched in the history of cinema.

The final episode of the fourth season of True Detective, Night Country, received the lowest rating on IMDb in the history of the show – only 5.5 out of 10 based on 7.5 thousand votes. At the same time, the episodes of the previous seasons have scores above 8 and 9 points. Night Country has a 92% rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes.

Night Country Controversy, Explained

The final episode of True Detective's Night Country was released on February 18 and attracted a record 3.2 million viewers. The new season as a whole has become the most-watched season of the show. But showrunner of the first three seasons Nic Pizzolatto, who stepped down to become executive producer, criticized the work of new showrunner Issa Lopez.

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Previously, Pizzolatto had criticized the decision to tie the fourth season to the first – in now-deleted Instagram posts, the he called the connection to the first season "so stupid" and insisted he had nothing to do with Night Country.

What made fans even more furious was that after the release of the final episode, Pizzolatto reposted several negative reviews from fans of the show on Instagram story, calling Night Country a complete failure and accusing its creators of butchering the legendary dialogue (the one with "time is a flat circle") of the first season. The screenshots are now deleted, but you can see them on Reddit.

Kali Reis, who played the role of Navarro in the new season, responded to the former showrunner's criticism by saying that insulting others when you have nothing to say is a new fad.

Was Night Country Really That Bad?

Night Country was originally an original story, but when Lopez pitched it to producers at HBO, they asked her to turn it into the fourth season of True Detective, apparently opting for brand recognition.

But such a marketing policy played a cruel joke on the fourth season. Despite the spirals and other references to Matthew McConaughey's season, it bears little resemblance to the original seasons of True Detective.

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True Detective has always been a very creative show, with everything coming down to the unique vision of screenwriter and director Nic Pizzolatto. There may be different opinions about his creative methods and behavior in relation to the new showrunner and her story, but there is no denying that Pizzolatto is a man of enormous talent, and after his departure, the show seemed to lose face.

Yes, Night Country has higher ratings than previous seasons, but its place in the history of cinema still looks ambiguous, while the first part of True Detective is an important milestone in the history of television.

Source: Entertainment Weekly