Twilight: Can Jacob and Renesmee Actually Have Kids?

Twilight: Can Jacob and Renesmee Actually Have Kids?
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Let's talk about this. Or, you know, let's not.

The fact that Jacob Black imprinted on Bella Swan and Edward Cullen's daughter is perhaps one of the most irritating things for Twilight fans up to this day. Not only is it controversial, to say the least, but it also creates lots of implications that people wish they would not think about. But still...

Now that Stephanie Meyer officially made Jacob and Renesmee a thing, fans are wondering whether the two actually could start a family together, and if yes, then what kind of kid would they have? Are they even able to have a kid together?

Many people believe that Jacob and Renesmee's kid would combine being human, vampire, and a werewolf — which is a mixture we probably wouldn't like to see anywhere. After all, vampires and werewolves are the opposites that are unlikely to ever attract, let alone combine in one person.

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The most reasonable part of the fandom believes that Jacob and Renesmee would not actually be able to procreate.

"I mean it's a cool thought but I can't really see those two being able to have a kid. You have a a shifter whose entire wolf form is against vampires and then you have this human/vampire hybrid. Can only imagine the kid popping into a wolf constantly because they're reacting to their own vampire side. Would make public life pretty hard," Redditor OneBingToRuleThemAll suggested.

One fan recalled that Nahuel — the hybrid between vampires and people that showed up to resolve the big argument in Breaking Dawn — was frozen at his physical maturity stage.

"If [Renesmee] is the same, which she should be, then she'll also freeze once she reaches maturity in a few years. At that point I believe her menstrual cycle, assuming she has one, would probably stop," Redditor patchinthebox explained.

But since when did Stephanie Meyer care about the rules? Sometimes, she would even ignore the lore implications she herself put in the story.

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With that in mind, fans believe that Jacob and Renesmee could actually end up with kids if the author wished for it. Currently, however, there are no Twilight sequels in the works — at least those we know of.