Two Fan-Favorite Gilmore Girls Characters Almost Never Existed

Two Fan-Favorite Gilmore Girls Characters Almost Never Existed
Image credit: globallookpress

It's often interesting to learn about how shows developed but sometimes we're taken by complete surprise when we find out that characters weren't in the original plan. Gilmore Girls is one such example where two fan-favorites were added in right at the last minute.

Fans will find it hard to imagine the series without Paris Geller and Luke Danes, that's for sure. Let's look at how they came to appear.

Paris Geller

When actor Liza Weil auditioned for the show, it wasn't the role of Paris Geller. In fact, Paris Geller wasn't even written as a character. Weil actually auditioned for the part of Rory Gilmore and although the casting directors didn't think she was the right fit, they knew they wanted her in Gilmore Girls .

So, after the show was picked up by the WB Television Network, the producers returned to Liza with the role of Paris Gellar that was written specifically for her, which she said was "very flattering."

Paris is a high-school student with ambition. Having been raised primarily by a nanny in a wealthy family, she's highly driven and will go to any lengths to succeed. This is, of course, a character who is the complete opposite of Rory Gilmore, her friend. It's easy to see why Liza Weil suited this role more.

Luke Danes

As a key role in Gilmore Girls, it's hard to imagine the show without Luke Danes. Though this character was always meant to be in the show, it was actually meant to be something completely different.

When the show was in its developmental stages, what became the Luke Danes role was a guest appearance. The character wasn't supposed to be a Lorelai love interest but rather a smaller part just for the pilot. This character was written as a unisex part and could have been played by any actor, and was listed in the script as 'Daisy.'

But then the WB network told Amy Sherman-Palladino that the show needs another male character, so she simply replaced the name 'Daisy' with 'Luke' in the script without even changing any of the dialogue. "Because I'm that lazy," Palladino jokes.

It's hard to imagine how different Gilmore Girls would have been without Paris and Luke! It's safe to say that fans love the show as it is and are grateful these last-minute changes were made!