Two Most Loveable Twilight Characters Were Killed Off in the Original Script

Two Most Loveable Twilight Characters Were Killed Off in the Original Script
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Though the deaths of two major characters in the first Twilight movie would have added action and drama, the creators made a wise decision to cut them out.

The Twilight movie adaptations remained relatively faithful to their book canon. While some additional violence was incorporated to increase the dramatic effect, the movies generally stuck close to the original novels, which pleased many fans dedicated to Stephenie Meyer's books.

However, fans would be surprised to learn that the initial plan for 2008's Twilight movie adaptation had gone quite far from the canon.

The first draft of the script portrayed Bella as a tough protagonist of an action movie and included more violence in an effort to attract young male viewers. It also featured the deaths of two major characters loved by millions of fans. Luckily, the characters were kept alive in the final version of the movie.

The characters in question are Charlie Swan, Bella's dad, and Carlisle Cullen, Edward's adoptive father. While giving a tragic edge to the story, their deaths happening in the very first movie would have added an excessive level of darkness and maturity.

Huge personal tragedies would have detracted from the romance between Bella and Edward, which is central to the appeal of the series in both books and movies. Besides, these deaths would have been frowned upon by many fans who fell in love with the main Twilight father figures the minute they appeared on the screen.

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While Twilight is not perfect, the deaths of dads couldn't improve it instead darkening the tone of the franchise. Losing her father this early would inevitably have made Bella lose her innocence, destroying her image, her relationship with Edward, and the dynamic between them. Similarly, the loss of Carlisle would have made Edward, who was already a sad character, much more depressive, and could affect his romance with Bella.

Even though Edward is over a hundred years old, Edward and Bella's romance in the Twilight franchise is a pure and chaste love story.

Introducing tragic backstories for both characters would have ruined the relationship and made the series much more tragic. Additionally, it would have limited the potential for future installments since the audience and lead characters would have been toughened by significant loss.

While it may have resulted in a more dramatic story, cutting the original script's deaths of Carlisle and Charlie was the best decision for the movie adaptation.