Tyler Posey Says Teen Wolf Movie 2 Should Happen, Fans Aren't Convinced

Tyler Posey Says Teen Wolf Movie 2 Should Happen, Fans Aren't Convinced
Image credit: Paramount

It's been over five years since MTV's hit show Teen Wolf concluded but Paramount+ decided to bring us back to Beacon Hills with a continuation of the series – a reunion movie called Teen Wolf: The Movie.

Following its debut in January earlier this year, the show's star Tyler Posey expressed his desire for a sequel to the recently released movie. But while some fans are excited about the idea, many are not convinced it should happen.

When Teen Wolf premiered back in 2011, it quickly gained popularity and ran successfully for six seasons. So, when it was announced that a sequel was underway, fans were excited to see what the creators had in store for them. After the highly anticipated release finally took place, many were left wondering what the future holds, and as it turns out, some actors are open to more sequels.

Tyler Posey, the actor who portrays werewolf Scott McCall both in the show and the movie, recently revealed to Screen Rant that he thinks the movie's ending wasn't perfect and left him wanting more. He also went on to explain that it would be interesting to see how the characters' lives unfold now that they're adults.

"We got to see them for two days as adults, but they were distracted by all this chaos. I really want to see them get into the depression, the anxiety, the weight, the heaviness of being an adult that comes with it, and real-life adult scenarios," Posey added.

However, while some fans are excited to see their favorite characters back on the big screen, others are hesitant about a potential Teen Wolf: Movie 2. The main reason behind their doubts is that the movie didn't quite meet their expectations and left them disappointed, with some being convinced that there are plenty of elements to fix if the writers were to carry on Teen Wolf in the future.

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To start off, fans feel like the script doesn't make sense when it comes to previously established characters and plotlines, and the story isn't fleshed out very well.

It's been also pointed out that the whole thing felt so rushed and chaotic that it seemed as if it was the next season of the show rather than a movie. Not only that but fans actually suggest that it would fit a miniseries format much better.

When it comes to characters, on the other hand, Stiles Stilinski's absence didn't go unnoticed. After all, he was the heart of the show for millions of fans. So much so that some people have stated that Stiles must be present in any other future works writers decide to create. However, we don't know how likely that is, as Dylan O'Brien has not confirmed any plans to reprise his role.

Overall, the reunion movie wasn't the worst the audience has seen, but they've certainly seen better. While it's unclear whether there will be another sequel in the future, it's evident that some changes will need to be made to convince the show's longtime fans.