Uh-Oh, The CW Effect? New 'Ms. Marvel' Clip Has Fans Concerned

Uh-Oh, The CW Effect? New 'Ms. Marvel' Clip Has Fans Concerned
Image credit: Legion-Media

'Ms. Marvel' premiere is only a few days away, but concerns just keep flowing in.

Shortly after the release of a new 'Ms. Marvel' clip, fans have started to suspect that they might be disappointed in the show, but not because Kamala Khan 's powers have been changed.

The thing is, fans argue, the show looks rather cheap – according to what's been shown in the new clip. The outtake shows Kamala Khan practicing her powers and coming up with cool superhero names for them.

But, according to fans, the footage looks low-budget.

Some people even compared it to the shows created by The CW, which are known for sometimes being cheap for the sake of entertainment.

The comparison to The CW does not necessarily mean a sign of bad quality, but Marvel fans seem to definitely expect a different level from the studio.

Besides, people are still not okay with Kamala's powers being changed. In the clip, Ms. Marvel is seen forming some crystal-blue small shields and trying to use them as platforms or weapons – which does not always end up right. In the comic books, however, Ms. Marvel boasts stretching limbs – something that fans fear has been eliminated from the on-screen adaptation. According to the creators, however, Kamala's powers were changed for the sake of the MCU lore.

'Ms. Marvel' premieres on June 8, with the show to consist of six episodes.