Umbrella Academy Has Last Chance to Make Up For Huge Missed Opportunity in S4

Umbrella Academy Has Last Chance to Make Up For Huge Missed Opportunity in S4
Image credit: Netflix

This show has had everything except for this one thing — and the final season might be its last ever chance to finally do it.

The Umbrella Academy has secured its fourth and final season on Netflix, and there is one thing fans really want the series to do before it wraps up.

The Hargreeves family has been through a lot over the course of the three seasons, from time travels to the literal end of the world, but you what these guys could really use?

A Christmas special.

In fact, a special episode filled with some holiday cheer was something fans have been demanding for quite a long time now. Back in 2021, before Elliot Page's character transitioned to Viktor Hargreeves, fans were craving Christmas content from The Umbrella Academy.

"[The Umbrella Academy] Christmas episode, I'm not asking I'm demanding. Klaus giving everyone big smooches under the mistletoe, Five in an ugly sweater, Vanya watching everyone open presents like a proud mother. Imagine," Twitter user RAVENCHlLD fantasized.

Others demanded that the special would include "Diego and Luther having a competition over stupid things like who can make the most delicious hot coco." For just one episode, this chaotic family deserves nothing but a wholesome atmosphere similar to Luther's bachelor party in season 3, fans believe.

Well, The Umbrella Academy now only has one season to seize the moment and finally deliver the long-awaited Christmas episode. However, the final season is set to be shorter than the previous ones, as it has been confirmed to only have six episodes instead of ten.

The premiere date of The Umbrella Academy season 4 is yet to be announced by Netflix.