"Unbothered by Dahmer" TikTok Trend Explained

Image credit: Legion-Media

Yes, social media trends just went there.

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story has already become one of Netflix 's most popular shows, securing the ninth place on the network's list of most-watched series of all time. However, it is as popular as it is scandalous, with people blasting it for "romanticizing" the Milwaukee serial killer and capitalizing on the victims' trauma.

But there is an entire new TikTok trend that appeared to fuel the fire even more. It turns out that many people were in fact "unbothered" by the new series despite its gore and a chilling connection to the real life — and they decided to share it with the rest of the world.

However, the rest of the world did not really appreciate the trend, which largely involved white women who bragged about being "unfazed" about Dahmer and even disappointed the show has left out the most violent parts of his terrifying killing spree.

"Telling people/the internet you're unbothered by the Dahmer series and are sittin on the couch eating your snacks and not batting an eye is not the flex you think it is….congratulations, you lack empathy?" – @marazepam

One outraged Twitter user has offered a parallel to explain why the "unbothered" trend makes the hype around Dahmer "even worse".

"White women saying they were unbothered by the Jeffrey Dahmer series and simping over him is only because they know that they wouldn't have been a victim. If gay, black men started simping over Ted Bundy and saying it didn't bother them y'all would be going for their throats." – @F_Lynyrd

With the rising popularity of true crime in general and the Dahmer show in particular, many social media users believe that "something is wrong" with humanity and the way gory projects attract attention is "desensitizing" the audience.

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Netflix has already received a lot of criticism for the mere fact of turning to the Jeffrey Dahmer story once again without bothering to make sure it's okay with all the people who were affected by the Milwaukee Monster's crimes. Besides, the casting of Evan Peters, an attractive and charismatic Hollywood actor, for the role, has sparked concerns that the series might promote the image of Dahmer in the audience and have people "simping" for the actual serial killer.

Dahmer is streaming on Netflix since September 21, having garnered a whopping 299.84 million hours viewed in its first full week of being available on the network.