Venom 3 Won’t Ignore Spider-Man: No Way Home, and New BTS Photos Prove It

Venom 3 Won’t Ignore Spider-Man: No Way Home, and New BTS Photos Prove It
Image credit: Legion-Media

Thanks to the new behind-the-scenes photos from Venom 3, we know that the movie will take the events of Spider-Man into consideration — and can guess where the action will take place in the final installment.

Since the news of Venom 3 finally entering the production stage, fans have been wondering whether the movie will remain completely secluded from the MCU or actually acknowledge the events of its previous entry’s post-credit scene and Spider-Man: No Way Home.

While we had no solid sources of information about that previously, the new behind-the-scenes photos from the set of Venom 3 might have just given a definite answer to this question thanks to Tom Hardy ’s attire. Unexpected, we know.

You see, the Eddie Brock actor recently posted a BTS shot on his Instagram where he’s yelling at what looks like a giant wolf’s head, and in the corner of the photo, you can see that he’s wearing his NBA Golden State Warriors T-shirt and Hawaiian button-up on top of that.

This is the exact clothes Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock was wearing in the post-credit scenes in Venom 2 and the last Spider-Man installment. What does it mean?

The post-credit scenes showed Eddie Brock and Venom chilling in some hotel in Mexico when they were instantaneously transported to Tom Holland ’s Super-Man’s dimension and back to their own. But a bit of Venom was accidentally left behind.

Since Hardy was sporting the same attire on the set of Venom 3, it’s safe to assume that the next movie will start where the previous one left off — in Mexico. This allows us to suggest that this country might have something to do with the plot of Venom 3 since otherwise, there would’ve been no point in continuing the post-credit scene.

We can also deduct that Eddie Brock will still react to seeing his rival, Peter Parker, in some way, and perhaps try to find the man in his dimension — and gives all reasons to state that if a new Spider-Man movie will be made one day, it will most likely see Tom Holland’s Peter Parker dealing with the new Venom host.