Viggo Mortensen Latest Might Force Audiences To Leave The Theatres Mid-Movie

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It looks like Viggo Mortensen's next project, 'Crimes of the Future', directed by David Cronenberg, may prove being a bit too shocking to most viewers.

The Canadian filmmaker spent more than forty years building his reputation as the biggest shock-artist in cinema. Known for his controversial films 'The Fly', 'Crash', 'Eastern Promises', Cronenberg strives to puzzle his viewers with each new intriguing project. And it looks like his upcoming 'Crimes of the Future' will end up getting a little over the line doing that.

Described as a sci-fi thriller "set in a not-so-distant future where humans have evolved beyond their natural state", the film will star Cronenberg's close collaborator Viggo Mortensen, as well as Lea Seydoux and Kristen Stewart. Scoring a cast like that really shows how much the director is trusted with his vision, violent and controversial, but certainly unique.

According to those who already saw the film, Cronenberg's latest experiment is 'divisive and sultry' and may cause 'walk-outs in the last quarter of the film'. Wow. It looks like the Canadian horror maestro has once again outdone himself by creating something truly dark and shocking. In other words – we just can't wait to see it! Cronenberg loyal fans, however, are already excited, saying that the director "is back to show everyone how it's done".

'Crimes of the Future' will receive its world premiere this May during Cannes Film Festival.

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